"These meetings are very educational and interactive and Kim and Bill are extremely knowledgeable.  They don’t just talk the talk… they actually walk the walk."

Pam Pearson
"I'm amazed at how much I learned... Lots of good discussions and Bill & Kim were spectacular hosts!  They helped to reaffirm some of which I already knew but also opened my mind to many other potential opportunities as an investor. 

Tony Chago
SPECIAL GUESTS: Rebecca & Brian – 2 stars of the real estate investing game with a combined portfolio valued at over
$38 million, located in 3 different states.
Join Us For a Frank & Raw Online Discussion on the Realities of the New Economy… and How to Take Advantage of the Downturn
“How to Survive and Thrive During the Corona Crash”
Here’s just a sample of the topics we’ll be discussing:

•    What’s real and what’s fake about COVID 19?

•    The single, most important thing you should be doing right now… if you really want to dominate and create wealth during the downturn

•    Are we headed for a Recession… or a Depression?  (And the #1 skill you should be developing right now if you want to capitalize on either scenario.)

•    Rental Collection: What we’re doing to minimize rental delinquencies, inability to pay, and potential rent moratoriums (our specific step-by-step game plan)

•     Just for fun: Conspiracy Theories on why the Coronavirus has blown up into a worldwide pandemic.

•    Forget social distancing… this is what you really have to guard against.

•    4 steps to building a bullet proof immune system (so if the big bad coronavirus comes knocking on your door… you can just flick it away!)

•    Plus much, much more… and all your questions answered!